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(Munchheimer, Minheymer) –

surname of the Warsaw medalists and engravers, also engaged in the production of buttons.

MUNCHEIMER SAMUEL – / 1780 – 1844 /, master in the production of dies and buttons.
Since 1795 he lived in Warsaw. In 1808 he received a patent for the manufacture of financial stamps. Owner of a stamp and button factory. The main manufacturer of uniform buttons for the Principality of Warsaw and the Kingdom of Poland. Factory Addresses: ul. Na Tlomackiem 599, ul. Dluga 585, ul. Bielanska 594.

MUNCHHEIMER KAROL ZYGMUNT – / 1787 – 1875 / – engraver, manufacturer of buttons and dies. Founder of the factory known since 1816 “Fabryka Guzikow, Kapsli I Wyrobow Metalowych” in Warsaw on Senatorska street 474, ul. Na Tlomackim 599 and st. Bielanska 608. The main manufacturer of uniform buttons for the Kingdom of Poland.

MUNCHHEIMER JAN SALOMON – / 1808 – 1879 / – Samuel’s son, medalist, draftsman and engraver of the Polish Bank and owner of the engraving and woodcut workshop

MUNCHHEIMER WLADYSLAW ZYGMUNT – / 1837 – 1875 / – son of Karol Zygmunt, stamp manufacturer. Got a factory after the death of his father.

MINCHEJMER LUDWIKA – / 1840 – 1904 / – Received a button factory after the death of Vladislav Zygmunt in 1875 “Fabryka guzikow, wyrobow pieczetarskich I metalowych”.

MINCHEJMER ADAM – / 1861 – 1900 / – son of Ludwika. Factory management partner, Fabryka wyrobow pieczetarskich, guzikow metalowych i innych takichze przedmiotow oraz stempli kauczukowych.

MINCHEJMER LUDWIK – / 1870 – 1920 / – son of Vladislav Zygmunt. Owner of “Fabryka guzikow I wyrobow metalowych”.


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